Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Electronic fuel Injection back in History.

People are who are interested in automotives, Fast and high technology Cars are well know about Electronic fuel injection worth as compare to other peoples who are not so involved in these kind of things and activities. Efi services come in action when most of companies started installing Fuel injections in carburetors of advanced cars of that time in 1980s.

At that time people uses manual working Fuel injection as this was too far of any one’s mind about Electronic fuel injection. As the time passes Technology keep modifying itself and many companies introduce Different Models of Fuel Injection like Throttle Body Injection (TBI), multiport fuel injection (MFI) and more.
Here is Come Separate Information.

Throttle Body Injection (TBI)
Throttle Body Injection was in many vehicles at the start and mid of 1980s. This was one of the reliable fuel injection of that time. This worked as an intermediate step for electronic carburetion to multiport fuel injection. TBI uses two or one Fuel Injection Fixed in a throttle body to fuel the engine.

Multiport fuel injection (MFI)
It was uses almost last models car engines. It has a fixed saparete fuel injection for Each cylinder. The Injection generally fixed in the intake manifold and spray fuel into the intake ports.

And Finally first time Efi system (Electronic Fuel Injection Systems) was introduced by Bendix Corporation and was offered by American Motors Corporation. This was a wonderful achievement that in acting so far. Efi system is still successfully working for every vehicle even for Sports cars even most of professional Efi Logic platform providing their top notch services. I know one of them that is .